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Air Transportation

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Air Transportation

Air Transportation

If you wish to travel to Dongyin, you can also choose to travel by plane to Matsu first, then take the Tai-Ma Ferry from Nangan Fuau Harbor to Dongyin.

In Matsu, there is an airport on Nangan Island, and one on Beigan Island; both airports are managed solely by UNI AIR. The planes used are ATR 72-600 passenger aircrafts that can seat up to 70 passengers. Leaving from Taipei’s Songshan International Airport, it only takes 50 minutes to arrive at either Nangan Airport or Beigan Airport.
At the moment, UNI AIR has schedule 6 to 9 flights traveling between Songshan Airport and Nangan Airport, and 3 flights traveling to and from Beigan Airport. Other than traveling from Taipei, you can also choose to depart from Taichung, where UNI AIR has schedule 1 flight to travel between Taichung and Nangan Airport. The total travel time of this flight is around 70 minutes.

Reservation Phone Line:
* Hotline: 02-25086999

Internet Booking

Counter Hotline:
* Beigan Airport: 0836-56576
* Nangan Airport: 0836-26511

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