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Land Transportation

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Land Transportation

While backpacking in Dongyin, you can choose the easiest transportation method—walking! Even the furthest tourist attraction, the Dongyin Island Lighthouse, is just an hour walk away. Dongyin is surrounded by the beautiful nautical scenery, so while you’re taking a stroll on the island, you’ll be taking in all the natural beauty Dongyin has to offer. Besides, taking your time to walk around the island is not only good for your health, it’s also eco-friendly!

You can also choose the most popular transportation vehicle—a scooter or motorcycle.

The rental price for a scooter or motorbike is 600 NT for a full day, and 400 NT for half a day (the tank would be full when you rent it). If you’re traveling in a group, we recommend renting a mid-size 27 seat bus from the Dongyin Town Hall.

If you can accept the price of taxi rides, you can also hire cabs at Nanao. In Dongyin, you will have to negotiate a price with the taxi driver. Usually, a ride to the furthest destination would cost about 200 NT, while most routes would cost 100 NT. Please remember to ask about or negotiate the travel fare before getting on a taxi to avoid any kind of dispute.

Please note that the local roads can meet quite a few steep hills. If you’re traveling by scooter or motorbikes, please ride slowly.

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