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Dongyin Island Lighthouse

Dongyin Island Lighthouse

Dongyong Lighthouse stands on the flank of Shiwei Mountain. Because of its classic European style architecture, locals call it the “Dongyin villa.” It was designated a third-grade national historic site in 1988, making it the northernmost historic site on Taiwan’s territory.
The lighthouse was completed in 1904; the tower is 14.2 meters high and becomes slightly narrower as it reaches the rooftop, which is a half-dome shape. There used to be two fog cannons on the cliff, below the lighthouse; but now, a single foghorn fulfills their function of helping ships navigate.

The white lighthouse stands atop a cliff, forming a strong contrast to the deep-blue sea below the cliff. Designed by an English engineer, the lighthouse was built in an 18th-century English architectural style—classic and elegant. The lighthouse and its accompanying building are all connected by a stone path winding from the bottom of the cliff towards the top—a feature that matches quite well with the rest of the Matsu Islands’ architecture.

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