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Tourist Center

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Tourist Center

The Dongyin Visitor Center is located below the Nanqiao helipad, close to Zhongzhu Harbor. The building, completed in 2003, rises from the top of a hill and, despite the low design that protects it from strong winds, its bright orange roof stands out strikingly amidst the expanse of green. It is visible from Zhongzhu Harbor, making it easy for travelers to find.

The Dongyin Tourist Center also showcases Dongyin’s abundant ecological scenery. Tourists can visit the newly renovated second floor, which boasts a rest area for tourists made in the image of the light house and swallows.
Dongyin Tourist Center is fairly close to Zhongzhu Harbor and Dongyin’s helipad. Tourists can choose this place to be their first spot to visit in order to view some introductory videos, take some travel pamphlets, or ask about other travel information.

Dongyin is rich in tourism resources—the historic sites, sea-eroded landscapes, battlefield scenes, endemic plants are all worth a visit. We suggest that you first go to the Visitor Center and study up a bit before deciding on your travel plans. This saves a lot of valuable time here at Dongyin.

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