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Crouching Crocodile

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Crouching Crocodile

On the western shore of Qingshuiao on Siyin there is a spit of land projecting into the sea that, from a distance, resembles a crouching crocodile. For the local people, as legend has it, in the olden times a crocodile followed schools of fish here and frequently ravaged the area, until finally the fishermen could stand it no longer. Fortunately, the Jade Emperor helped out by conquering the crocodile, whose spirit migrated to the western shore of Qingshuiao and gave it its present appearance. Since it is just local folklore, there might not be much credibility to this story, but it sure does add a mystical touch to the geographical attraction.

At Siyin Island, the best place to see the Crouching Crocodile would be along the public road on the eastern shore of Qingshuiao. The local government has set up a scenery observatory area at this spot. When you glance towards the west from this spot, not only would you be able to clearly see the Crouching Crocodile, you’d also be taking in the breathtaking ocean view of Qingshuiao.

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