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Northernmost Frontier

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Northernmost Frontier

Although Dongyin is just a small island far away from Taiwan, it is the northernmost territory under Taiwan’s jurisdiction. It is of great military importance and has always been an active and heavily stationed base.

If you walk from Siyin Island’s Hoau towards the west, through a small concrete path that stretches just about 200 meters, you will arrive at our country’s northernmost territory. It used to be a military base, so civilians were prohibited from entering. In 2006, the Matsu Scenic Area Management Office developed this place into a tourist attraction and also placed a stone here, marking it as the “Northernmost Frontier.” They carved the longitude and latitude (at 26°22'58.8" north latitude and 120°28'34.0" east longitude) of Beigu Islet onto the rock in 2010. These specific numbers leave a profound impression of Dongyin in our visitors’ minds.

The scenic platform standing atop the Northernmost Frontier overlooks the endless sea on the north side, and magnificent sea-erosion geography on the west. You definitely won’t be able to take your eyes off of the breathtaking ocean view.

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