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Recommended Itinerary

Your trip to Dongyin should start as soon as you leave port on the Tai-Ma Ferry. At around 10:30 p.m., as the ferry slowly departs from Keelung’s West Two Harbor, instead of heading straight to bed, we urge you to seize the moment and go to the top deck of the ferry. In these ten or so minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the splendid harbor night view, a rare scene for most people.

A day trip is the most suitable plan for traveling to Dongyin. This day trip can start bright and early when you go to the top deck of the ferry to see the sun slowly rise above the ocean.

When you reach Dongyin, we recommend you to take a taxi or rent a scooter and make your first visit to the island’s one and only third-grade national historic site: the Dongyong Lighthouse. The travel time is about 10 minutes.

After visiting the lighthouse, on your way back to the village, you can visit site attractions such as the spectacular Suicide Cliff, A Thread of Sky, Andong Tunnel, Zhongcheng Gate, the Dongyin Distillery, and the Dongyin Town Hall. If you’re short on time, we recommend visiting the Dongyin Distillery to experience its fragrant atmosphere.

After lunching at Nanao, you could take a break at the hotel before heading out again in the afternoon (if it’s summer, the sun can be relentless, so we recommend staying indoors until 3 or 4 p.m.). We recommend you to visit the Dongyin Tourist Service Center of the Matsu National Scenic Area Management Office to get a tour of the building and watch an introductory film of the scenic area. Then, you can head over to the “Yanxiu Tidal Echo,” a natural sea erosion scene. On the way back, you can travel from Yuan Road towards the direction of Zhongzhu Harbor. The attractions you’ll be able to encounter on the way include: Zhongzhu Harbor, Zhongcheng Gate,
Luohanping, Zhongzhu Island, Ganen Pavilion, Monk Reading the Scripture, Crouching Crocodile, Houao in Siyin, the Northernmost Frontier, and Dongao.

At night, if the weather permits, you can head over to Zhongzhu Island or Siyin Island where there are less lights. There you can see the splendid night sky and take in the relaxing atmosphere of the island.

Dongyin Lighthouse
Dongyin Lighthouse
Andong Tunnel
Andong Tunnel
Tourist Center
Tourist Center
Crouching Crocodile
Crouching Crocodile

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